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Shaping your Body and Soul

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At Boot Camp Pro Workouts, we believe in not only helping you have your best body but also helping those around you, hence we offer fitness workout ideas ensuring you can get in great shape whilst working out with friends.

bootcamp training is a great way to keep in shape and we believe our bootcamp packages will cater to your unique requirements being customizable as per your requirement - from personal training to group training.

The Range of Products

Associating with us will give you access to Charlotte’s top 100 session plans. These are the programs that are engaging and not just practical workout sessions. Through our group training videos and articles, we try to make things more interesting for your clients to grasp. The same old monotonous ways of making your workout effective doesn’t work anymore. It’s more about fun and excitement no matter what kind of services you are offering to the public. Given the risk associated with the health of people who are unnecessarily gaining weight, it becomes important to have something that would interest them to go for workouts not under compulsion but out of the willingness.

Offering you Especially Curated Workout Ideas

We offer workout ideas that curate to specific requirements. Our free workouts sessions are there to help you understand which workout sessions will best suit your current fitness level and give you and idea of the type and intensity level of the program and what to expect.

There is a star rating provided on each program showing the Cardio and Strength levels, so you can vary the intensity levels to your specific need.

With some programs having the outdoor training focus, these workouts can be implemented in your outdoor fitness boot camps in Brisbane and Gold Coast. This boot camp workout format ensures you enjoy fresh air, working out with others encouraging you to be fit and vibrant while escaping the hustle bustle and stress of everyday life.

We believe that a successful fitness workout program should be an amalgamation of several smaller, individual programs. Our tailored program includes body weight workout ideas so you are able to keep your body weight in check even whilst on holidays, so your workout routine is never compromised.

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Let us Workout towards a Healthy Future

Trust us, a healthy future is awaiting you. All you need is a bit of motivation and self-determination. To give you that much needed boost. If you love training with friends or family, why not run your own weekend fitness boot camp and get healthy and active together. Using our fun and easy boot camp workout format you can achieve your fitness goals while having fun and staying connected these current times.

If your loved ones are not able to attend this can we adapted to an on line format so you can are share this experience in an on line forum.

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